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The reiki school of ireland

Reiki Diploma Course

Answer your Calling to Reiki Teachings & Take the Next Step to Advance to our Comprehensive Reiki Training Diploma.

Develop your Love & Life Long Career in the Art of Reiki Healing under the Guidance of The Reiki School of Ireland.  

To qualify for our intensive training diploma you must first have complete Reiki levels 1, 2 and 3 to graduate to our comprehensive Reiki School of Ireland Diploma.

What Makes Us Different ?

At The Reiki School of Ireland, Lisa and her dedicated team are a collaboration of some of the most Gifted Professional Accredited Holistic Healers in Ireland.

Our aim is to promote the highest standards of Reiki Training and Lifelong Support as we embrace the traditional lineages of the Art of Reiki Healing.

The Reiki School of Ireland offers a network of Support, Love and Guidance on your Reiki Journey of Self-Discovery, Learning and Teaching.


Our Comprehensive Reiki Diploma Courses have classes scheduled in Mornings, Evenings and at Weekends, making it easy to develop your love and knowledge for the Art of Reiki Teachings around busy schedules and hectic family life.

On completion of Level 5, you will receive your Reiki School of Ireland Diploma, and your membership into the Reiki Federation Of Ireland.

You will have received all the necessary training and skills to open your own practice as a Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner.

Other Courses

Nestled in the heart of the Boyne Valley countryside you will find this little hidden gem, Angelic Crystal Healing Holistic Training Centre.

A place where nature meets nurture and body mind and soul come into balance!

Whether you need to take some time out of your busy life or you would like to learn more about Reiki, Angels or Crystals, it is no coincidence you have stumbled across this page it’s what I call divine intervention!

Some of our treatments and workshops available are;

  • Weekly Angelic Meditation & Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Angel Cards & Pendulum Dowsing
  • Angels & Introduction

Visit our website for all of our courses and up and coming workshops


Why Choose The Reiki School Of Ireland?

Here is an idea of how Reiki is traditionally taught compared to way we aim to bring it forward….


Here is how you will learn through the Reiki School of Ireland, and the different options available…

Courses Nationwide

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Course Material


The Reiki School of Ireland Diploma Course is complete over 5 levels providing you with the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities to set up your own Reiki Practice and Develop your Love for Reiki into a Life Long Career.

A small booking deposit of €50 is required to secure your place with various payment plan options available.

Level 1 - Its all about you… Your own Self-healing Journey starts here.

Receive an Attunment into the First Degree of Reiki


  • The History of Reiki
  • The benefits of Reiki
  • About the Chakras and our Aura
  • The Traditional hand positions for giving a treatment
  • How to do Reiki on yourself
  • About the Archangels
  • About Crystals and how to in-corporate them into your healings
  • How to use a pendulum during your sessions for clearing energy blocks
  • Receive an attunement to 7 different Crystals
  • Mindfulness, and how to change our thoughts very quickly and effectively
Level 2 - Bring it all together… Learn how to carry out a professional Reiki Treatment.

Attunment into Reiki Level 2


  • Sacred Reiki Symbols
  • Distant Healing
  • How to in-corporate the Angels into your session
  • Different Angelic Healing Techniques
  • Healing through the feet, Reflexology for The Chakras and Major Organs
Level 3 - The Master is Born.

Attunment into Reiki Master Degree | Attunment into the Violet Flame


  • More Sacred Symbols, including the Master Symbol
  • Some simple yet very effective ways to develop your psychic senses
  • How to channel Spirit and the Angels
  • How to practise Reiki intuitively
  • How to cleanse and clear negative energy from a person or place
  • How to use the Violet Flame
Level 4 - Opening your own Practise.

How to set up your own Reiki Practise


  • Guidelines for Insurance and continuous professional development
  • How to maintain a high standard of Clinical Practise
  • How to deal with difficult clients
  • Learn how to complete your case studies
  • Marketing and Public Relations
Level 5 - The Student becomes the Teacher.

How to carry out an attunment into the 3 degrees of Reiki and the Violet Flame


  • About the different Reiki Lineages
  • Learn how to hold space energetically for a class
  • How to put a class together, including writing your own manual
  • Revision of all Modules
  • How to channel your own Meditation class
  • First Aid
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Essential Oils and Reiki
  • Experience Teaching a Class

As you can see there is a lot packed into our training, this is because I believe the more knowledge you have, the more you have to offer your clients, the more successful you will be. I also have a great support network through a WhatsApp student group, and we will meet up once a month to give and receive a healing and have a chat about anything we might have come across!

It’s a great way to meet ‘like-minded’ souls, some of my existing students have become great friends through time. I never charge for these ‘meet-ups’, we work them on a donation basis, where you donate what you can afford, €2 or €20, it doesn’t matter and at the end of the year, we take this money and donate it to a charity at Christmas.

About Us

My name is Lisa Lynch and I have two passions, loves in this world, my children and Reiki!

I first started teaching Reiki after working a practitioner for some time in 2015. Since then I have performed over 500 Reiki Attunments and left many Reiki Masters to follow on my lineage.

During a meditation in December 2018, I was blessed to be shown the Reiki School of Ireland, and how I am to change its teachings for the higher good in this country. You see I believe that learning Reiki is a journey, a journey of self -discovery, self- healing, self -acceptance, and most importantly,  self- belief! Have I said self enough? That’s because I BELIEVE that’s the most important aspect in your journey, healing you from within, balancing body, mind, soul.


I just completed Reiki level one with Lisa and cannot recommend it enough, Lisa is a fantastic teacher, so genuine and friendly and open. Loved the weekend from beginning to end, Lisa made me feel so welcome and relaxed and I enjoyed every minute. Not to mention the fantastic group of ladies I did the course with it was brilliant to meet like minded women. So if your thinking about doing a holistic course I couldn’t recommend Lisa enough, it could change your life. xx

Patricia Vesey

Having done my Reiki level 1 with Lisa I went on to do my level 2 which was last weekend. Walking into a room and having Lisa greet you with her warm happy smile is the best you feel at ease straight away! I’ve learned about crystal and angelic healing and also introduction to reflexology too I loved every minute. I met some beautiful ladies on both Reiki courses and can’t wait to see them again. She is so passionate about what she teaches and looks after her students so well were like a little community. Anyone thinking of starting this holistic or spiritual journey should start here – I’ve so many workshops/courses ahead I can’t wait.

Joanne Thornton

So grateful to have found this beautiful lady.
I met Lisa in 2017 and my life has changed so much.
I attended Lisa for my 1st reiki session and i was blown away with the healing I received. I then decided to do my reiki level 1 with Lisa and I have recently just completely my masters in reiki all with the amazing guidance from Lisa. You truly have a gift and anyone who choses Lisa as their teacher will not be disappointed.
If you’re feeling a little lost or just want to do something for You check this page out. I will be forever grateful for stumbling across this page it couldn’t have come at a prefect time for me.

Paula Baker

Did you know..?

Many Holistic Treatments such as Reiki & Reflexology are covered by many major health insurance companies.

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